We tested: take a hotel room for a few hours

It's a crazy experience that a friend told me about. I put the idea in the back of my mind for a few months before taking the plunge. And last week, to prolong the sensuality of summer and forget about the start of the school year, I finally made up my mind! I booked a hotel room for a few hours, in the middle of the day, for an experience with my significant other. Torrid.

Choose the hotel

I chose to book through Dayuse.com. A dedicated site is reassuring. Yes, because I have a creepy streak, and I already saw myself in a gloomy and disreputable place. To my surprise, there are luxurious rooms, charming ones, or rooms with a view of the swimming pool. I unearth a small intimate hotel, in a somewhat hidden street, just to put myself in the shoes of a real clandestine…

The experience

It was with a beating heart that I presented myself at the reception. To my great relief, no insistent look, no comment. After all, if for me it's an adventure, they are used to it. So I acted (or tried to act) as if all of this was perfectly normal. Extremely convincing, I'm sure. And sir? He joined me ten minutes later, just long enough to put my little scene in place. Even if it means trying the experiment, I wanted to do it thoroughly: champagne, massage oil and naughty lingerie that I had slipped into my bag. I just had time to put on my Guet Apens outfit before the gentleman knocked on the door. I had warned him the day before to block his lunch break, but in a way mysterious enough to arouse his curiosity. As for the precise location, he only learned about it 30 minutes in advance.

My feelings

The clandestine side clearly brings spice to love games, I was not far from feeling like a heroine in a novel! And he was both surprised and totally charmed, he loved it. Finding ourselves in a hotel room immediately plunged us into a special atmosphere, out of time, which allowed us to let go completely. It shook up our daily lives, à la Bonnie and Clyde, certainly one of our best memories... The game of unfastening the hooks of my underwear one by one certainly had something to do with it... We have a bad image of hotels in day, associated with adultery, but going there as a couple, on the lunch break or even an afternoon at the weekend, can be a nice surprise to make… Full of sensuality, I highly recommend!

Where to book your room?

Of course you can book your room directly in a hotel. But to save time and remain anonymous, several sites are specialized in this activity:

  • dayuse
  • SoRoom
  • Roomforday

So, ready to give it a try?

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