How to maintain your beloved lingerie?

Fine lace, delicate embroidery, very soft tulle and bonded assembly, so many reasons to take care of your favorite sets if you want to continue to make a splash with your lover.

Here are some tips that will delight your favorite panties.

Preferably hand wash

  • Soak your lingerie in lukewarm water (30°C no more) for about ten minutes with a little mild detergent or Marseille soap
  • Rinse in two steps: with lukewarm water then with cold water
  • Allow to dry in the open air

Do not rub your lingerie against each other, to avoid damaging the material

Do not twist your lingerie while wringing it out, you risk losing elasticity

If machine wash

  • Use a delicate program, not exceeding 30°c
  • Put the lingerie in a net by hanging the staples well

Above all, no dryers! It could alter the elasticity of your materials or damage your underwire protection.

Allow to dry in the open air

  • You can first press your lingerie on a towel to absorb excess water
  • Hang your bras by the back attachment hooks rather than with clothespins

No ironing

The final touch: storage

Taking care of your lingerie also means storing it properly, separating it from the rest of the clothes while avoiding crumpling it in your daily lingerie bin. You can use a beautiful box to showcase your lingerie. You can also use Atelier Amour suede pouches to store your sets neatly.

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