Preliminaries: eroticize your everyday objects!

Since everything pushes us to stay warm, we might as well take the opportunity to shake up our habits and test new foreplay. (Re)Discover these everyday objects that are good for you: to be used together for a friendly, naughty and cocooning moment!


The flavored ice cube, a whole program! Blowing hot and cold during foreplay, anyone? We all know the ice cube thrill, a classic of thrilling love games. To spice it up, flavor them with ginger, strawberries or edible flowers. It's beautiful, it smells good and we like it! You can also suck it before an oral report, you will tell us about it...

To open your sexual appetite, jam turns out to be a particularly greedy lubricant. Stimulated taste buds, increased pleasure. No jam on hand? Whipped cream and honey will do the job with equally pleasing sensations…

Candle massage
To install an atmosphere conducive to letting go, nothing like a massage candle. The game is clearly worth the candle: the lukewarm oil massage awakens the lustful flame that sleeps in each of us. It's hot isn't it?

Who loves well chatises as well
We all have a wooden spoon in a kitchen drawer. It's time to divert it from its primary use to test the spanking. The gesture requires a lot of audacity and control to know how to dose. In a relaxed and complicit atmosphere, the spanking turns out to be terribly exciting.

Does pain (even minimal) put you off? The Fringe Whip is for you! A whim to treat yourself to "punish" without hurting. It's all in the staging and there, we're counting on you, and on our open bodysuit. Give free rein to your overflowing imagination…

Alternatives to the sex toy
Did you know ? A sip of sparkling water will transform a blowjob into a one-way trip to heights of pleasure!

Another well-kept secret: the pearl necklace. Does it already work wonders on a bare chest? Gently wrapped around a male, it triggers a torrent of pleasure. The beads roll and stimulate galore... It's the bondage accessory par excellence: luxurious and terribly exciting! Effect increased tenfold with a quality lubricant.

Do you dream of simplicity and sweetness? Armed with a feather, explore and rediscover the most sensitive areas of your partner's body; kidney drop, love handles, back of the knees, nothing escapes you! A delight to light up the body and play with its curves… Tickling, that's all for real!

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