For Valentine's Day, I'm the gift!

Why beat around the bush? Your lover has nothing to do with a new watch, a boxer briefcase or a massage cushion… What interests him is YOU! This is even the basic principle of Valentine's Day: spend a privileged moment together, period. Here are some wise tips to make this evening exceptional…

What look for Valentine's Day?

In what environment will you spend the evening? This is the first question to ask yourself to know how to dress. Classy restaurant? Candlelit dinner at home? We adapt with a few basic rules: no overdressed or sophisticated dress (it's not a prom) or a total glitter look (the disco party is too much).

Do you play at home? You can then try the infallible combo: high heels + garter belt;)

Chest, legs, buttocks… Choose your side

Choose pieces from your wardrobe that you already know and in which you feel attractive, but still comfortable.

The most effective option is to choose which part of your body to highlight: low-cut bodysuit for the chest, pencil skirt reaching at least the knees for the buttocks. Do you prefer understated chic? A strap that reveals itself on a judiciously bare shoulder will do the trick.

In red and black: the colors of love

Bold? Say it in color and dare the red dress or the red pumps, but not both at the same time. A flamboyant touch that will spice up your look and stir up the desire of the other. Complete this fiery declaration of love by sporting red nail polish. This red will have the merit of not overflowing and not leaving annoying traces.

On the lingerie side, you know us, black is the new black! No need for colors likely to swear with your outfit: black is perfect here, especially if it allows itself naughty details. It's simple, it exudes sex appeal...

Valentine's Day behind the stove

You receive ? Make sure not to choose an overly ambitious menu, at the risk of having cold sweats (blah). Fear of failure, too much time spent in the kitchen, not enough smooching your lover, we forget... Cooking or kissing, you have to choose :) Plan an elaborate cocktail to start the festivities and incidentally keep him waiting for the final preparations.

Choose recipes that you master, spicy if possible, or test them before the big day. Make your taste buds sing with ease: vegetable velouté, various mousses, pears with chocolate, you will have won everything! A light spirit in a body that is too.

Do you live together? In this case, it is the one who cooks the best who sticks to it. Or better: you do everything together while sipping an aperitif for a great moment of loving complicity.

Sexy lingerie: the real gift for Valentine's Day

Remember, the highlight of the evening is YOU. Such a precious gift deserves the most beautiful setting: lingerie that will amaze you! Candles and dim lights, all relative subtlety, it's time to let go...

Choose your sexy lingerie in body positive mode, the one in which you feel irresistible. Opt for cuts that highlight the female body while providing pretty surprises:
- magnetic openings
- proudly exposed buttocks
- expert transparencies.

A few grams of finesse and lace will always make the difference... No doubt: love is in the air!

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