And if you dare split panties?
Do you want to surprise your beloved?
Don't wait and put on split panties! Surprise and wonder will be there! On the tails side, you will raise the temperature and suggest the rest... After a little dance, expose the face side, the doubt no longer exists, the naughty moment was well planned, the discovery can begin...
For the first time, it is better to feel comfortable in your lingerie, so we advise you to choose one that looks like you, one that will make you feel beautiful and sensual. For this we have an offer that ranges from discreet opening to assertive invitation...

The playful

For the first time, why not start with the Douce Insomnie panties. A wise look at first glance, it is completely buttoned from the front to the back....You can then unbutton it as you wish...

Sweet Insomnia Panties

The romantic

Want a sentimental touch, opt for the Madame Rêve open briefs. A very wise front and a wow back! With its lace and crepe mix, it hugs the buttocks and offers a very soft touch, which invites you to caress.

Open panties Madame Rêve

the mischievous

Be both delicate and mischievous, with the Plumetis Chéri open briefs. A velvet belt and strips of ruffles for a suggestive lower back!

Chéri dotted open panties

The safe bet

Harness panties with several possibilities of wearing (choker, garter...) the open panties Insoutenable lightness is a must! Little more, its material and its very soft finishes will end up putting all your senses in awe.

Unbearably light harness briefs

The straight to the point

The Please me open panties do not cut corners, but take you well on the road to desire and pleasure. It is called the dressed undressed panty.

Open panties please me

And if this experience inspired you, we also have open bras, bodysuits and harnesses...

Your dedicated team at Atelier Amour.

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