Our tips for a sexy mouth without being too much

What could be more sensual than a lingerie set and carmine lipstick to welcome your beloved after a day's work, or during a romantic dinner? Yes, but pretty lip make-up can't be improvised! Quickly discover our tips for a chewable mouth.

The trick to having pretty lips

Successful lip make-up starts with hydrated lips: the lipstick will hold better and you will get a more even result. There's nothing like adding natural hydration to your beauty rituals with beeswax, shea or jojoba oil. You are plumped and ready to be made up!

How to make up your little mouth

Make-up is your best ally since you will be able to redraw the outline of your lips and thus thicken them. Apply a nude pencil to redraw your lips, insisting on the corners of the lips to stretch them, but also on the heart of the upper lips and the fold of the lower lip. Prefer clear lipsticks for a natural finish: champagne or nude with a satin finish will illuminate your smile.

Assuming her plump lips

Nothing is more beautiful than big, well-made up lips: creamy, glossy or satiny textures, you can dare anything! If you are particularly proud of your lips, capture the light with light colors and shine effects. If you want to wear makeup without accentuating their thickness, opt for dark colors and matte textures. A tip? Blend the bottom of your lower lip with a corrector of the color of your skin to make it appear less thick!

How to make your lips fuller

The solution: create shadows! To do this, nothing could be simpler: apply a brown or gray blush with a brush under the crease of the lower lip to create a shadow and give the impression of full lips. Be careful, however, to blend well so as not to end up with a line of black pencil under the lips, far from the desired glamorous effect!

Now that you have perfect lips, how about the outfit!

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