The Incredible Power of Stockings

Male fantasy accessories par excellence the signals they send excite more than one! And those who wear them are not left out.

Puzzle according to some, they remain a weapon of massive seduction for many women, we explain why and how to take the plunge.

History of stockings and garter belts

Stockings owe their beautiful history to the invention of nylon. The first nylon seamed stockings were born in 1939 in the United States and were an immediate success which democratized the stocking. Until then in silk, they became everyday accessories and their use extended to Europe after the war.

Combined with garter belts, couture stockings become an essential weapon of seduction. Cheaters, those who haven't, draw the line of the seam in pencil on the back of the leg. Until the invention of seamless and more comfortable stockings by Dim in 1960. If the shortening of skirts and the emancipation of women replaced the majority of stockings with tights and pants, the fact remains a pledge of glamorous seduction.



Wearing stockings is a fantasy that titillates both the woman who wears them and the man who observes her. Is she wearing stockings or pantyhose?! This sensual detail is revealed in due time... with a suspender subtly revealed during a subtle play of legs, or later in the evening... Universal weapon of seduction, symbol of sexy lingerie, stockings send strong sensual messages that make havoc with men. In addition to an undeniable aestheticism of the silhouette and soft legs, the real motivation of these gentlemen would be easier access to panties. For women, wearing stockings and a garter belt is synonymous with absolute seduction. Self-confidence is at its peak, you feel sensual and seductive. Stockings stand out as a sexy and essential accessory for games between lovers. Let's practice ;)

Above or below the panties?

Great subject of debate… It's a fair balance between practicality and aesthetics. The suspender belt must for practical reasons be worn underneath the panties in order to be able to remove the latter without removing the stockings. Aesthetically, it is often presented above. For a sulphurous night wear it above, sexy effect guaranteed! >> Or no panties to solve this dilemma, but that… is another story!

How to wear them?

Start by fixing the garter belt at the desired height, then put on the stockings by unrolling them gently on your legs. First tip, loosen the suspenders then attach the front ones to the top of the stockings. Comes the fateful moment of the rear collision, where all the efforts of our beautiful preparation can be shattered. Exit the 10 minutes of fierce struggle upside down, sit on the edge of a chair or put your foot on it so the hooks will be at your fingertips. Finally adjust the height of the suspenders to feel comfortable with your movements.

Atelier Amour stockings

Encouraging moments of complicity is the promise made by Atelier Amour with its chic and playful lingerie boxes;) The brand is diversifying and launching its very first pair of stockings! Chic, sober and in black, the Insoutenable Légèreté stockings go well with any lingerie. In transparent 10D veil, they sublimate the leg.

To wear with the Insoutenable Légèreté set and garter belt:

unbearable lightness

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