The 10 reasons to offer lingerie at Christmas

Gentlemen, we are approaching the Christmas period and you are beginning to ask yourself the fateful question of the gift for your beloved, we give you the 10 reasons why lingerie is “the” gift to offer!

  1. She will support your family - the New Year's Eve with the family will seem shorter to her
  2. She no longer knows where to put her pairs of shoes
  3. There's no reason only kids have toys
  4. To forget about the vacuum cleaner offered in 2013
  5. Because the gifts that give the most pleasure are those that say "I want you"
  6. Because between Christmas and New Year's Day, we stay under the duvet
  7. To be sure not to give him the same gift as your mother
  8. Because on Valentine's Day it may be she who will surprise you
  9. With Atelier Amour no stress on the size – the products are one size fits all
  10. No stress either for the gift package since the lingerie is already in a "Ready to offer" box.
Now that you are convinced, all you have to do is go to our e-shop and choose the lingerie in which you will fall in love the most! We guarantee you a perfect Christmas!
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