Sexting: instructions for use!

The confinement or the distance separated you from your darling and you want to continue to burn the desire in your couple? Do you want to raise the temperature while waiting for the reunion with your newly found crush via a dating app ? So get out your phone and start writing a hot sext. We'll give you some tips to get you started and avoid missteps.

First, don't be afraid to try new things. For the first few times, do it subtly so that the person in front gets hooked. Start with an innuendo to create ambiguity in your message. No need to overdo it, be sincere. If you're feeling shy, know that the person in front can only feel flattered to receive such attention.

Avoid making a naughty approach if you know the person in front is not willing to answer you. You will not have an answer and the experience will not be conclusive. 
But you can still surprise your partner by sending him/her a message when he/she does not expect it. What makes the moment exciting is reading or responding to a teaser message at an unexpected time. At first, we are surprised, we smile and we get caught up in the games. Don't let the temperature drop by ignoring a message from your partner. Chain the answers and let the games of langu (ag) es warm up. 

Show that you have desire for the other and that these messages are addressed to him/her . Give details about what you are doing or what you would like him to do to you.
"I'm all alone in my bed and I'm thinking of you. » Stimulate your sexual desires, you will only want to find your partner again...

If you are not comfortable with words, try sending him a small subjective emoji to express your desires by associating them with each other.
Different possibilities, choose a combination of story-style emoji

Or the one straight to the point

Make sure you send your fantasized desires to the right person.
Also, make sure your partner is alone and trusting before sending them suggestive photos.


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