Atelier Amour unveils Nuit Blanche, its new fragrance

To extend the sensuality of its universe to a new meaning, Atelier Amour launches its very first fragrance called Nuit Blanche. A juice imbued with spices and musk, both sweet and intoxicating, which perfumes each lingerie box.

For the development of Nuit Blanche, Atelier Amour called on the team of Perfume Creator My Aromatic Wish (Maw). The occasion of a beautiful meeting with Alice, the co-founder of MAW who confided in the history of her company and gives us her tips for choosing the right perfume!

AA: Can you define My Aromatic Wish in three words?

MAW : My Aromatic Wish is a perfume creator and an olfactory communication agency. We create scented stories for brands.

AA: What prompted your trio to set up your olfactory communication agency?

MAW : is a family story between my sister Caroline and myself, as well as Caroline's husband, Stéphane. With the talent and creativity of Caroline, our perfumer, and the expertise of Stéphane and myself in communication and marketing, the idea germinated to combine our complementarities and to offer brands or designers all types of perfumed and personalized in order to accompany them, through perfume, in their various communications. Whether it is the creation of a tailor-made and exclusive olfactory signature for a brand, the production of personalized scented ranges intended for customer gifts or marketing (candle, spray, diffuser), or the diffusion a perfume illustrating the theme of a fashion show or event, we perfume everything that can be perfumed!

AA: Can you give some advice and tips for choosing your perfume without making mistakes?

MAW : You have to choose your perfume as you would choose jewelry or clothing: take the one that makes you want, that makes you pretty. Make a first selection on a key to smell then test on your skin those that you like. Do not necessarily leave with a bottle right away but ask for samples to test them, live with. If we are frightened by the extent of the offer, we can for example smell a representative of the main olfactory families, and thus identify the families that we like. In any case, don't stop at the raspberry facet of Hawaii claimed by the seller, but apprehend the perfume as a whole.

AA: In a few words, what qualifies Nuit Blanche the perfume of Atelier Amour?

MAW : The warmth of spices (vanilla and tonka bean), the raw note of cedar wood, mysterious incense, the softness of musks...

A fragrance as intoxicating as Atelier Amour lingerie. From now on, Nuit Blanche accompanies all the boxes and will be unveiled in other forms in the months to come...

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