5 tips for getting lingerie

It's not always easy to get your partner to offer you sexy lingerie. He dreams of it but does not dare to take the plunge? And yet, who else but him can do it? No one, it's too intimate a present to leave your loving sphere. It is therefore up to you to maneuver to facilitate the passage to the act. A love treasure hunt that begins long before the actual purchase...

1/ Show him what you like
Watch your favorite lingerie site curled up on the couch and show them some models. Share your tastes and desires to put him at ease. Garter belt, transparencies, tell him everything: what you like to wear, what makes you feel confident, what you will never wear.

2/ Question of size: reassure him
So of course, the depth of the cups is less important when you wear an open bra ;) Better still, at Atelier Amour we have put aside the usual numbers and letters: our models are either adjustable or available in S , M or L. Our size guide will create a climate of trust around this sublime lingerie gift.

Make a few fittings with your current underwear, he will see which materials or models highlight you. Latest news that will make him happy: returns within 30 days make everyone agree. 3/ Offer him a naughty game
Do you remember truth or dare For questions, it's like fire Turn merry-go-round but more naughty. Prepare your questions on scraps of paper: Rather thong or panties? With or without hats? With or without opening? An unusual place to make love? A sex toy to test? An absolute fantasy? You understood, the idea is to add lots of lingerie questions to the rest. For the action part (the pledges), we let you choose: massage, ear to nibble, kiss in a very specific place, clothes to remove, it's up to you! After that, he won't be able to say he doesn't know what you like!

4/ Plan a romantic weekend
Having a specific goal in sight is still the best way to achieve your goals. This duo getaway wouldn't be complete without an exceptional set that would leave you both with lasting memories... Some people need to be up against the wall to get started. Give him a mission: you manage the reservation, he manages the fine lingerie...

5/ Give her underwear for Christmas
But is the world upside down? No, it's even more fun! Make a deal with him: each offers the other underwear. Advice for the road: if you have to open your gifts in front of everyone, it is better that there is another less intimate gift at the foot of the tree. Perfume, jewellery, shows, there is no shortage of ideas to complete this naughty lingerie!

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