5 Instagram accounts to develop your orgasmic potential

Sexy lingerie is a trump card to raise the temperature, and then what? Alluring though it may be, it's only one part of a romantic relationship.

To help you go further without worrying, here are the Top 5 of our favorite Instagram accounts. On the program: an uninhibited sexuality, full of subtlety, small techniques and benevolence.


Niche: conscious and positive sexuality

Here we put sex in a global context of intimacy to be developed and cherished. And above all we relax and we do not fall into ready-made recipes. There are no taboos here, we talk, we learn a lot of things and we realize that each person and each body have their own language.

Regularly, @mercibeaucul_ also organizes workshops to develop your orgasmic potential: workshops to follow quietly from your couch with a live to exchange and laugh, full of tips  to print and a private interview if you are more reserved. Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.fr/o/merci-beaucul-26228798311


Niche: creative sexuality for exhilarated minds

This account was so successful that it gave rise to a book published by Marabout: "Jouissance Club: cartography of pleasure".

It talks about listening to the body, power of the mind, unsuspected erogenous zones, fountain emissions and optional coitus. Most ? Very technical drawings that perfectly illustrate the point.   


Niche: benevolent, free and inclusive sexuality

What goes on in the other person's head during sex? What does he feel deep inside?

This account gives pride of place to testimonials by giving the floor to men and women. We talk about pleasure, encounters, anecdotes, blockages and revelations.


Niche: perfecting your sex education

Improve your cul-ture with 1-minute videos? This is the concept of this calibrated account for those in a hurry: technique of withdrawal, asexuality, point P (yes, P), female ejaculation, everything goes… with a well-honed humor and ass-izz with small onions. Yes, ASS-IZZ!!


Niche: sex infographics

This feminist illustrator does not have her tongue in her pocket but in other much more interesting places. She says aloud what we are going through quietly, in our intimacy.

His illustrations talk about menstruation, masturbation, uninhibited sex and all those little details that make him crisp. It smells of experience and we split the pear.

Enjoy your visit, take notes and have fun! Our lingerie has only one vocation: to sublimate the female body and reveal the extent of its potential...

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